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About Us

The teas that you will find here are not just any teas. They are functional teas with specific health benefits.

But how did it all start?


Our Story

     In 2017, my health took a significant downturn. Despite being assured by various doctors that all was well, a functional medicine doctor diagnosed me with Candida Overgrowth and Leaky Gut. She recommended natural healing, and I was introduced to numerous herbs. Although they were effective, they weren’t the tastiest.


     Determined to improve their flavor, I began experimenting with blending them into more enjoyable teas. Over time, I crafted some wonderful blends and developed a deep interest in the properties and benefits of herbs. This experience with illness inspired me to become a Functional Nutrition Consultant and Herbalist. I would bring my favorite blends to our homeschool co-op, where they were enjoyed by both moms and kids. Their support and enthusiasm led me to start my own business.


     On October 25, 2021, Rootly Organics was established. The business has grown more than I ever anticipated. We now ship our products throughout the United States, participate in local vendor events, and have even Naturopathic Doctors suggests our teas to their patients. At Rootly Organics, we offer functional and organic tea blends that have been diligently hand-selected for their cleanliness, organic certification through our reputable suppliers, and overall quality.


     Our blends are handcrafted by me, a Mom, Functional Nutrition Consultant and Herbalist. We're proud to offer teas that are certified organic, free from artificial flavors, metals, pesticides, and gluten, crafted in small batches from a woman-owned family business.

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Meet The Team


Sonja Durik

Rootly Organics' founder is a whirlwind of wisdom in the world of herbs. She’s not just a herbalist and functional nutrition consultant; she's a fervent believer in the power of all things herbal, organic, and homemade. With a dash of humor and heaps of knowledge, she’s on a mission to sprinkle herbal magic into lives and spread the word that Mother Nature is the best healer. Think of her as your go-to guru for a greener life, always ready with an herb-based trick up her sleeve!


Tyler Harris

The CFO of Rootly Organics, stands as the steadfast backbone of the company and the most supportive husband one could ask for. His efficiency and dedication shimmer behind the scenes, whether he's meticulously packing teas, managing wholesale orders, or ensuring the smooth operation of events. Tyler's knack for organization keeps Rootly's world spinning in harmony. Not just confined to behind-the-scenes roles, he's also a familiar face at local events, offering hands-on help and engaging with the community. Tyler truly exemplifies what it means to be a partner in both life and business, making sure Rootly Organics flourishes under his careful watch.


Ethan D. Harris

At just 13 years old, stands as the inspiring force behind the creation of the Rootly legacy. As the oldest son, his vibrant energy and creative spirit breathe life into Rootly Organics in more ways than one. Not only is he a gifted video editor and content creator for the company, but Ethan also shines in sales at local events, ensuring customers have the best experience possible when exploring Rootly's herbal teas. His warm presence and familiar face have made him a cherished part of the Rootly family, with many customers always delighted to see him. Ethan symbolizes the heart of Rootly Organics, driving the company forward with a youthful ozest and proving that age is but a number when it comes to making a meaningful impact.


Maddox Harris

The youngest son at the  age of 9, is Rootly Organics' resident mini herbalist with a surprisingly vast knowledge of herbs and their benefits. His enthusiasm for herbalism shines brightly as he ensures the company provides top-notch customer service at local events. Whether he's handing out tea samples or  explaining the Rootly product line, Maddox is a familiar face to many event-goers. Known for his ability to bring smiles wherever he goes, Maddox's passion and youthful charm add a unique and delightful touch to the Rootly experience. He epitomizes the joy and innocence of learning and sharing nature's gifts, making every encounter with him at events memorable and heartwarming.


Trish DiTulio

Is the powerhouse of positivity and efficiency behind Rootly Organics, embodying everything it means to be supportive and organized. Her eagerness isn't just focused on the growth of the company; it's rooted in a genuine passion for sharing the herbal power of tea with the world. As the event coordinator, Trish is often the face people associate with Rootly at many local gatherings, where her enthusiastic presence promotes the brand and educates the community. When she’s not brightening events with her knowledge and charm, Trish is diligently working behind the scenes — be it packing orders, assisting with the product line, or just spreading joy in the tea room. Her vibrant spirit and unwavering support are pivotal in not just fostering the brand’s success but also in making the Rootly workspace a happier place.

Local Partners

Find our teas at select local partner stores.

Partner 1

Windy Springs  1845 Myers Rd, Road Stand located Rt 663 & Weiss Rd., Quakertown, PA 18951

Partner 2

Terra Cove Organic Spa & Boutique

 4006 W Skippack Pike, Skippack, PA 19426

Partner 3

Mercantino Italiano 

Trainer’s Corner Shopping Center

220 N West End Blvd

Quakertown, PA 18951

Partner 4

Artique Designs

691 Sumneytown Pike d, Harleysville, PA 19438

Partner 5

Awakening Welness Center
1141 Welsh Rd, Maple Glen, PA 19002

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