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Why Choose Rootly Organics?

We understand that you have countless options when it comes to purchasing tea. However, allow us to share a few compelling reasons why choosing us is the best decision:


Organic and Eco-Friendly Teas, Just for You

At Rootly Organics, we take pride in curating teas that are not only delicious but also functional and organic. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly packaging, underlining our commitment to the environment.

I'm proud of my self for sticking with it. Normally when I mess up I give all in and just give up But I noticed first it took away allergie and then weight started to go down and now recently it's just coming off quickly" - Trisha DiTullio

Herbal Tea

A Labor of Love, Handcrafted Teas with Care

What sets us apart is that every batch of our teas is meticulously prepared by us, ensuring a personal touch and a quality you can trust. Rootly Organics is not just a business; it's a venture owned by women and operated by a close-knit family, infusing our brand with warmth and care.

Rootly Organics they are a local functional tea company. I literally didn't tea until I had theirs. When I'm sick I grab their Immunitea when I feel a flare up from my autoimmune disease i use their tea to help with inflammation. Also when i just want a good tasting tea i grab brainboot. they have so many teas and they tastes amazing!!! -Trisha DiTullio

Tea Set

The Art and Science of Our Herbal Blends

We're delighted to share that our formulations are crafted by a Mother,  Master Herbalist and Functional Nutrition Consultant. Her expertise ensures that each blend is a harmonious symphony of flavors and benefits, carefully selected to enhance your well-being.

The Tea is organic and made with the best herbs. I bought the menotea and i love it. it is 
helping me balance out my hormones - Kathleen Chandler 

Homemade Pesto

Discover the Care and Attention in Every Cup of Our Tea

We take immense pride in the careful selection of ingredients that go into our teas, creating a sensory experience that transcends ordinary tea. It's not just about great taste; it's about creating teas with a purpose.

I love Rootly Teas and even more Sonja is an amazing human! She has created a special blend for my son after a recent surgery She is an excellent listener and will create a custom blend that's out of this world! I recommend Sonja's teas to everyone I know and meet!!!!!! - Kat Kiss 

Fruits and Nuts

Enjoying a cup of healthy tea shouldn't feel like a chore.

Our teas are more than beverages; they're crafted to serve a higher purpose – to enhance the well-being of individuals. Rootly Organics is on a mission to help people live better, one sip at a time. Join us on this journey toward a healthier and tastier lifestyle.

This Tea has been saving me as a working mom who doesn't have time to be sick. I've drank it twice now at the 1st sign of sickness and feel great" - Ewitiak  

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