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Tea Container

Organic Functional Teas

 Rootly Organics 


Welcome to Rootly Organics

Where our passion for creating purposeful teas meets a commitment to sustainability and family values.

At Rootly Organics, we take pride in curating teas that are not only delicious but also functional and organic. Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in our thoughtfully designed, eco-friendly packaging, underlining our commitment to the environment.

What sets us apart is that every batch of our teas is meticulously prepared by us, ensuring a personal touch and a quality you can trust. Rootly Organics is not just a business; it's a venture owned by women and operated by a close-knit family, infusing our brand with warmth and care.

Master Herbalist and Functional Nutrition Consultant.

We're delighted to share that our formulations are crafted by a Mother,  Master Herbalist and Functional Nutrition Consultant. Her expertise ensures that each blend is a harmonious symphony of flavors and benefits, carefully selected to enhance your well-being.

We take immense pride in the careful selection of ingredients that go into our teas, creating a sensory experience that transcends ordinary tea. It's not just about great taste; it's about creating teas with a purpose.

Our teas are more than beverages; they're crafted to serve a higher purpose – to enhance the well-being of individuals. Rootly Organics is on a mission to help people live better, one sip at a time. Join us on this journey toward a healthier and tastier lifestyle.

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Rootly Tea Selection

Organic Functional Teas 


" I haven't slept for over a month after my surgery. After taking TranquilyTea that was made to order specifically for me, I can't remember when was the last time I had such a great night's sleep. This was a lifesaver for me."

Ms. Helen G.  (70)

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